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Posters and Images from the Euromaidan
The Art of Revolution," was a past exhibit at the
Ukrainian Museum Of Canada, Ontario Branch.

This timely exhibit was structured in two complementary segments. The first,"Go Ahead and Print," featured 50 of the posters that appeared throughout Kyiv's Independence Square from the beginning of the Euromaidan protests. Eye-witness accounts of the early days of the crisis also accompanied the posters. The posters — artistically and graphically important, often brilliant and witty, always heart-wrenching, are poignant examples of a brand new form of revolutionary art that empowers anyone with a home computer and printer. "Go Ahead and Print" was curated by Prof. Bohdan Kordan, Director of the Prairie Centre for the Study of Ukrainian Heritage, St. Thomas More College, University of Saskatchewan. The exhibition was part of a multi-venue event, appearing simultaneously in museums and galleries across the country. The Museum's showing also featured some of the latest posters depicting events and developments in the political minefield of Ukraine.
The exhibit's second component was "A Protest in Focus," featuring the dramatic images of Marta Iwanek, the young Canadian photojournalist who visited Kyiv from November 28, 2013 to January 1, 2014 and again from January 27 to February 6.  lwanek's haunting photographs and videos captured her time on the Euromaidan and told the intimate stories of the protesters with whom she lived and worked. She introduced the exhibit at the opening on March 14, 2014.
Mementos and artifacts from the Euromaidan — most brought home by members of Toronto's Ukrainian community — provided Museum visitors with a concrete accompaniment to the images of a modern revolution.

These posters now are available for viewing by appointment only.

ENQUIRIES:  416-923-3318 OR museum@umcontario.com


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