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The Ontario Branch of the Ukrainian Museum of Canada (UMC) interprets Canada’s rich Ukrainian heritage resulting from four waves of immigration that date back to the late 1800’s. It also celebrates creativity and the human spirit.

Ukrainians have been part of Canada’s nation building and the UMC, through its five branches across our country, is dedicated to telling the Ukrainian part of Canada’s story.

Like all immigrants, Ukrainians faced challenges and hardships. They were sustained by traditional methods and cultural forms of expression from their homeland. As Ukrainians adapted to their new environment and became active in the broader community, so too were their traditional art forms woven into the Canadian cultural fabric. Ukrainian dance, Easter egg decorating, beautiful embroideries and other textiles as well as various foods are some widely known and appreciated examples.

The UMC invites people of all backgrounds to experience and enjoy more of the arts, crafts and cultural traditions of Ukrainian Canadians. Culture facilitates communication, connection and understanding.

Join us in supporting the museum by becoming a member, by donating funds or artifacts or volunteering your time and expertise so that the Museum remains a resource for future generations.

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