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 An exhibit created for children and the young at heart.

            The idea for this exhibit,the first of its kind for the Ontario Branch, came from some of the very poeple we are celebrating today - people who dedicated their lives to keeping Ukrainian culture alive for their children here in Canada. In this case, one of the groups of dedicated parents who took on the task of producing the groundbreaking television production "U Titky Kvitky"came to the museum and offered us the archives of "U Titky Kvitky" as a donation. Along with the iconic two lead puppet characters, Smikhun and Bryz'ko and their many puppet friends, the archives included story boards, video and audio tapes as well as newspaper articles. Also a generous finacial donation was given with the hope that the Ontario Branch would present an exhibit dedicated to children on a regular basis. The Ukrania Museum of Canada, Ontario Branch presents FOR OUR CHILDREN with graditude for their foresight and their generosity.
         In recognition of the 125th anniversary of Ukrainian settlement in Canada, guests are greeted at the Museum entrance by a family from Bukovyna - a region that had been home to many early immigrants to this country.  The family is dressed for a celebration and seems confident that their new home will value the language and culture they bring with them.  This exhibit tells the stories of the extraordinary poeple who made sure that Ukranian literature, art and culture would always fill the lives of our children.
          Featured in this exhibit are prolific children's authors and illustrators Lesia Bryzun-Shanta, Lesia Chraplyva, Oksana Laturynska, Nina Mudryk-Mryc and Roman Zavadovych whose books we all grew up with and treasured. We get a chance to see these authors as children themselves and to see what hobbies they had and what made them smile. We meet story teller and bandura crafter, Myroslaw Diakowsky and see some exquisite pysanky or painted easter eggs, which the museum's curator, Halya Kluchko learned to write at her mother's knee. This exhibit also features many of the beautiful and rarely seen antique toys and dolls from the Ontario Branch's collection as well as some treasures on loan from collectors that are sure to delight the childre and those who are young at heart.

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