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Diverse yet United Part 2


"DIVERSE yet UNITED PART 2" - is the museum's multimedia presentation of "Mamyna Sorochka", held earlier last Year in conjunction with the Kniahynia Olha Branch of the Ukrainian Women's Association of Canada.  The full exhibition is divided into two parts and provides the museum with the opportunity to exhibit its rich folk costume collection dating from the XIX and early XX centuries.  The first part featured costumes from the ethnographic regions along Ukraine's western border and emphasized the influence of neighbouring countries on these regions.

The second part of "Diverse yet United" draws attention to sorochky and costumes from Southern, Eastern, Central and part of Western Ukraine.  They are the black and Azov Sea Regions, the Sloboda Region, the Central Dnipro Region, Podilla and Pokuttia.  Ukraine's diversity is evident in the exhibition as each area demonstrates regional colours, patterns and styles influenced by topography, flora, fauna and tastes of its inhabitants.

Another component has been added to the exhibition in the form of information about notable public figures that were born in the regions presented in this exhibition.


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